Dress Code Regulations

What is the dress code at schools?

There is a dress code for school and it is regulated by Ministry of National Education, Business casual and business smart is required depending on campuses. Kindergarten is exception as teachers must be comfortable while working with children. No super mini shorts/skirts or cleavage for women, no shorts for men accepted at schools.

I have a tattoo, is that a problem?

Tattoos are usually not problem as long as they are not showing. If you have tattoos on your arms or legs, you must be wearing long sleeves and long trousers whether it is summer or winter.

I have piercings, will that be a problem?

Unfortunately most schools do not accept piercings except earrings on women. You must be willing to remove your piercing (if visible) at the school.

I have beard/mustache, will that be a problem?

Having beard and/or mustache is not a problem however, some schools may ask you to shave your beard, mustache is almost always okay.