Health Insurance

What is the procedure to have health insurance?

Once you have provided with a work permit, you will be covered under SGK scheme, a government health insurance. This health insurance covers your medical expenses fully in state hospitals, you can also receive health care in private hospitals with co-pay.

Am I automatically covered by SGK scheme?

According to the law, you must complete at least 30 days of work at a workplace in order to use your SGK health coverage. After 30 workdays, you must also visit local Social Security Office (SGK) to activate your insurance. Boz Recruitment will help you with this process.

Do I have private health insurance?

Some schools do, some schools do not provide private health insurance, though, Boz Recruitment recommends every employer to provide private health insurance along with required SGK health coverage.

Does my SGK insurance cover everything?

SGK is a universal health care and covers pretty much everything, though; it is not a perfect system. Some rare medicine may not fall under coverage.

Does my private insurance cover everything?

If your employer has offered you a private health insurance, you must consult with authorized personnel at your workplace to find out the coverage and receive your insurance policy. In general, private health insurance does not cover pre-existing health conditions. In some cases, there is a waiting time for operations other than accidents.