Housing and Utilities

How much do utilities cost in general?

If you live on your own (All is Turkish Liras):

– Electricity 80 – 120
– Water 60 – 90
– Heating 200 – 400 depending on how big the apartment and how warm you would like
– Cooking gas 20 -30 if you cook everyday.
– Internet 100 unlimited plans
– Mobile Telephone 50 – 100 depending on your usage
– IF you share an apartment, cost of utilities will be split and your cost can go down in half.

How much does an apartment or a room cost?

Once you are making travel plans, Boz Recruitment will start you find a suitable housing in a location of your preference. For an apartment on your own, you will spend TRY 1000/month to TRY 2500/month depending on the location, for example you can have an apartment for TRY 1000 in a suburb of Istanbul, and on the other hand you may only find a room for that price in central areas. If you are open to sharing apartments, your expenses on housing can drastically go down.

I obtained my visa and getting ready to travel to Istanbul. How do I find an apartment?

Boz Recruitment recommends teachers to book a hotel for a week, and during that week Boz Recruitment agent will help you every step in finding and renting housing.

Is housing available thru jobs in Istanbul?

Schools rarely offer housing, and some offers stipend for housing. Most schools offer one flat salary that includes housing and stipend. If the school offers an apartment, you will settle there and all the details of the apartment will be communicated during hiring process and interviews.

What is the initial cost to move into an apartment on my own?

When rent an apartment on your own, you will be asked to pay one month rent, two months deposit, and a Realtor’s fee of 12 % of the annual rent amount. If your apartment is TRY 1000/month, you will be required to pay TRY 4440 to move in, TRY 2000 being the deposit.
However, when you rent a room, it is usually advertised by other tenants therefore there usually isn’t any Realtor’s fee. If your room cost 1000/month, you will be required to pay TRY 2000 to move in, TRY 1000 being the deposit.