Required Qualification

What are the minimum qualifications requirements for teaching positions in Turkey?

Schools in Turkey are regulated by Ministry of National Education. Therefore an applicant must meet Ministry of National Education requirements. Hiring teachers is possible in two different titles, They are “Expert Instructor” and “Teacher.”

  • Qualification requirements for Teachers:
    1. Bachelor’s Degree in English or Bachelor’s Degree in Education
    2. A state teaching license from applicant’s home country, if such document is not available an official document from competent authorities proving minimum 2 years of teaching experience.
    3. If one of the documents listed above #2 not available, a Higher Education Board equivalency will be required. This process is explained separately.
  • Qualification requirements for Expert Instructors:
    1. Bachelor’s Degree in any major
    2. An internationally recognized teaching certificate such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA.
What is the difference between “teachers” and “expert instructors?”

Main difference between teachers and instructors is; teachers can grade their students, but expert instructors cannot. In practice, they both perform the same task as teachers but expert instructors teach with another teacher’s authority. Schools must have “teacher” to assign classes, and expert instructors can only teach then. Therefore, schools prefer “teachers” over “expert instructors.”