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Offer You a Fit Job

We match you with positions and employers that stands up to your expectations.

Get Your Work Visa

We take care of all legal procedures in case you are going to start working in Turkey

Help You Settle

We help you from the moment you arrive until you move into your flat, and then have your back until you don't need us.

What Others Say

  • This guy will negotiate a schedule that is almost impossible to imagine. I made the most money with the least amount of hours and days of work with a very reasonable curriculum.  Visa was taken care of along with my health insurance and residency with no major hiccups. I ended up working for a very reputable public high school teaching speaking classes and making a very high salary for a 4 day work week. He also is not a slave to the schools he is completely on your side through every process, no weird back-door shenanigans like with other places. He is a good egg! For reference I am a native speaker with decent experience, your exact negotiation may differ but he will do way better than anyone else can!

    Stephany Canada
  • Birol recruited me to work at a prestigious high school about a year ago. I was impressed with his knowledge of the job market for foreign teachers in Istanbul. He was prompt in explaining the calculation of a partial month salary and proved his trustworthiness by abiding by the contractual agreement. It is refreshing to meet and do business with someone who has integrity and has shown himself to be knowledgeable and professional.

    Sandra USA
  • I reached out to Boz Recruitment close to the end of summer 2018. I wasn't really sure where to begin with my job search and Boz Recruitment helped me through the whole process. Birol was very informative and made sure I was getting the best offer possible. The best part about Boz recruitment is he also helped with my resident permit process and work permit process. Whenever I had a question, Birol was always a call away and he is very knowledgeable about the different requirements needed to work as a foreigner. His service is also free of charge which was nice since a lot of the required documents add up. He is always on your side through every decision, every step of the way. Thank You Boz Recruitment

    Lauren USA

The Most Important Are the Things You Shouldn’t Do When Looking for a Teaching Job in Turkey!

If you make any of these mistakes things will begin to suck sometime after the first week! Trust us we have been there…


Turkey is a great country with amazingly kind people but you really don’t want to take chances trusting total strangers in any foreign country do you?


You are thinking Duh! But it is really hard to tell who is who when you are not in the same room with your employer, and we have met a lot of them in person.


You might have heard from your friends that they just teach here without a contract but wait until you hear the horror stories happening out there.

About us

Boz Recruitment has been founded by Birol Ozturk in 2016 with a cumulative experience of 3 years in recruiting field and 5 years of TEFL sector.

At Boz Recruitment, we aim to bring the best experience for both teachers, who are seeking placement in education institutions, and schools, who are in search of best qualified teachers for their educational achievement.

While we are trying to meet the expectations of both parties, we ensure that job seekers face no discrimination of any form from any employer and also help schools to hire their teachers legally with required paperwork and work permits.

You Must Have a Million Questions

We know this process involves really important decisions you will need to make and we also know how stressful these steps are. In our common questions page we have tried to include everything you might need to know for making your mind about choosing to work and live in Turkey as an English Teacher. If you couldn’t find the answer to your question feel free to drop us a line.

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