Privacy Policy

Boz Recruitment aims to provide a reliable user experience and therefore undertakes to protect all of its users’ privacy. Information Boz Recruitment collects over website or email shall remain confidential and be used according to this privacy policy.

How we use the information;

The Agency will collect certain Personal Data and other information from the Candidate which is required for the provisions of the Services. Such Personal Data is collected, held and processed by the Agency for the following purposes:

  • Providing information regarding the vacancies and other relevant information to the Candidate
  • Matching relevant Candidates and vacancies
  • Monitoring and improving its services
  • Ensuring the Clients the accuracy of the information the Candidate has provided
  • Screening Candidates for their eligibility for the vacancy

How we share the information;

  • We will share your information and CV with the potential employers where possibly suitable positions are open and/or advertised
  • Your company information will be shared with potentially suitable candidates who applied for vacancies and/or job advertisement of your institution
  • We may share your information with the following parties without the prior consent of the Candidate:
    • Another business which merges with or acquires the Agency;
    • Regulatory bodies or law enforcement authorities; and
    • Any professional advisors, contractors or sub-contractors that the Agency may appoint from time to time.
  • We will not share any information collected from our clients or candidates with any third parties without the consent of the related party except matching candidates with clients unless otherwise required by law and regulatory government agencies.
  • We make no warranty or representation that any Client or Employer will keep confidential any of the Candidate’s information or data provided to that Client or Employer


  • We will use your email address to communicate with you regarding the developments and updates regarding the business field you have previously shown interest; and also inform you about the vacancies within your interested fields.
  • You may at any time opt out from receiving such communication by simply contacting with us via email or telephone numbers provided on our website.