In addition to its activities in the education sector, Boz Consulting provides consultancy services to investors coming to Turkey from abroad, in line with their needs, and aims to produce innovative and entrepreneurial solutions. Our aim is to support foreign investors in every step, from company establishment in our country to production and service licensing for different sectors. As the reliable solution partner of foreign companies in Turkey, it also provides a multi-faceted benefits to the organizations of which we undertake the consultancy services.

Identifying the starting steps accurately saves you from unnecessary burdens. As Boz Consulting, we set a roadmap for foreign investors and take action to take the most efficient steps. Our team, which is specialized in its field, stands by the investors at every stage, taking into account the sectoral dynamics. When you act together with Boz Consulting, all legal requirements are handled in detail and the way for the company to operate successfully in the Turkish market is opened. Boz Consulting team takes over the details of the legal matters for you and resolves them. The right strategy is the key to success…
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