Our babies are the most precious to us. Even if we are not around our babies. We want to make sure that they are of loved and cared for in trusted hands. The safest hands we will trust our babies are the nannies and babysitters. What we need is a well-equipped baby.

Getting help from a professional agency is the best way to find a caregiver who has all the skills and qualifications necessary.

So, what are thw skills and qualities of a nanny to whom we will trust our baby with peace of mind?

Personal qualities of a professional babysitter;

  • Must be a kind, compassionate, empathetic and patient person.
  • Must be someone who cares about personal care and hygiene.
  • Must have experience with babies, their needs and wants.
  • Be mentally and physically healthy.
  • Able to maintain control  in emergency situations.
  • She should be punctual and planning must be her strongsuit.
  • No smoking habit.
  • Must be good with pets.

What Kind of Carer Are You Looking For?

  • Stay-in or stay-out
  • English speaking
  • Baby sitter
  • Nanny
  • Able to take care of babies with special needs
  • Play sister / brother
  • Able to cook
  • Capable of cleaning
  • Health-trained
  • Non-smoker
  • Good relationship with pets
  • Experienced
  • With or without children
  • From which nationality
  • Married or single

Please contact us for reliable nannies suitable for you are looking for.
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Baby’s Personal Care

  • She should change The baby’s  diaper regularly, cut his nails and give bath regularly. Their clothes and bedding should be clean.

Nutrition and Sleep

  • Babies are fed soft foods until they acquire chewing habits, so the caregiver prepares easy-to-eat and nutritious food for the baby.
  • It is the caregiver’s responsibility to arrange the feeding times.
  • The caregiver should prepare the baby for sleeps/naps and make the room suitable for sleep.

Order and Tidying

  • Baby’s toys can be scattered around the room. The nanny should pick them up and sanitize them everything should be hygienically suitable for babies,
  • If it is in the job description, it should do the laundry and dishes, and do the general cleaning of the house.

Baby and Health

  • The caregiver must have received first aid training for emergency response.
  • If there is any medication that the baby uses regularly, they should be followed up.
  • If the baby is an allergic he/she should be aware of allergens and  have knowledge,
  • How to keep baby away from it.

Relationships with Parents

  • Job description prior to employment, is it a stay-in or daytime job? Except for babysitting duties their home-related responsibilities should be clarified.
  • Parents should inform the nanny about the general rules of the house. These rules implements the nanny work plan.
  • Provide information to parents about daily activities and feeding of the babysitter.
  • If an out of the ordinary development is observed, parents should be informed immediately.

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