What is Play Sister?

The play sister is the person who stimulates the cognitive development of pre-school and primary school children through educational and instructive games, contributes to the learning of children while having fun, and helps children in subjects such as foreign language acquisition and music.

Play sisters can generally consist of people with pedagogical formation who have studied or graduated from departments of universities such as child development, pre-school teaching, psychology, or have developed themselves in the field of child development.

Apart from the good times spent with family members, it is the healthiest way to get professional support from play sisters so that children can make their playing hours productive and fun.

Children understand the world through games and the knowledge and skills they acquire during play. Games have many positive effects on any child’s personality acquisition. During the game, the child tests his skills and tries new ways to develop them. Games based on certain rules have positive contributions to children’s will management. While children have fun through games, they also develop their intelligence and focusing skills, and learn to socialize.

Children playing games are more successful in perceiving abstract concepts as their visualization and imagination skills develop. Thanks to all these positive effects of playing games, children; they become individuals who can easily implement their mental and physical skills, are open to discovering and learning, and can establish healthy relationships with the society.

Play sisters, who have educational and instructive skills, can help children with their lessons and support children to develop their skills in artistic fields such as painting and music. By reading books to children, they can help them develop their imaginations and get to know the environment they live in and the animals they are surrounded by. They can contribute to the development of the child by playing games that will improve their knowledge and skills.

The benefits for children of spending quality time with their play sister:

  • Games support children’s intelligence development.
  • Prevents technological tool dependency/addiction.
  • Teaches sharing.
  • It teaches patience.
  • Develops motor skills.
  • It improves social skills.
  • The problem-solving skills of children, who play games, develop.
  • Communication skills develop.
  • Recognizes the living things around.
  • Visual and auditory skills develop, vision, touch and hearing senses are supported.
  • Games develop imagination and creativity.

Qualifications and qualitities sought in the game sister:

  • Suitable personality to be around children for spending time with them.
  • No bad habits
  • Having an affectionate and bubbly personality who likes to spend time and play with children.
  • First aid certified.
  • Being in control and careful.
  • Knowing and applying games that can improve motor and craft skills and creativity.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages.
  • Having basic knowledge about arts such as painting and music.
  • Establishing a good relationship with parents.
  • Ability to give a good reference.

The first thing we need to do is to get support from a professional institution in order to find a well-rounded and affectionate play sister who can establish a good relationship with your children. As Boz Consulting, we ensure that you meet with suitable play sisters to whom you can trust your child with. Please contact us to work with a play sister who meets your criteria as soon as possible.

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