With foreign teachers who are expert in their fields
Highly qualified private tutoring.

As it is known, private tutoring are the most guaranteed way of transferring knowledge and the learning process in which this transfer corresponds. This process consists of many components and the biggest role is undoubtedly belonged to teachers. The efficiency of private lessons, which are mostly applied one-on-one, is directly related to how competent the teacher is in his field, how successful the teacher is in communicating with the student, and how well the teacher has mastered the lecture techniques. Private lessons, in which, time is used effectively, enable a great deal of progress in the learning process in a short time. One-to-one lessons involve interaction that prevents the student from distraction. In this way, the student is easily brought together with information without distracting from the focus during the lesson.

Apart from these elements, there are a few factors that need to be considered in order to achieve the desired result in private lessons. It is the duty of qualified teachers to build the learning process on these elements from start to finish.








As Boz Consultancy, we offer private lessons with expert and distinguished teachers in a wide range of branches including private tutoring, mathematics, physics, chemistry, social sciences and many more. Our foreign teachers, who teach in their mother tongue, meet with students in private tutoring in different fields. Our company makes the selection of teachers meticulously and provides highly qualified teachers with the desired conditions. Our valued customers can take private tutoring in the field they want under the assurance of our company

  • It is aimed to get maximum benefit from this planned, programmed and professionally executed process
  • Our teachers carefully prepare and plan the course contents
  • Private lessons are tailored to your study schedule
  • For school students, a simultaneous teaching program is applied in accordance with the curriculum
  • Methods and techniques suitable for the student's capacity and learning style are used
  • The learning process is an internal process. In this process, our teachers set a path by considering the situation of the students
  • The focus is on acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills for the student as soon as possible
  • It is aimed to make the course contents understandable and permanent
  • The information given in private lessons is measured by our experienced teachers
  • It is ensured that the student continues the lesson willingly without being distracted
  • Our teachers apply a teaching approach that suits the student rather than a single teaching style
  • A supportive learning environment is prepared for students
  • Lessons continue as an active and progressive process