High quality education with foreign teachers…

Many changes, especially the developments in technology, make it necessary to increase the quality in the education sector. Up-to-date and qualified education is one of the necessities for integrating into a world where the boundaries of communication are removed. Increasing the quality of foreign language education is undoubtedly an indispensable step in quality education. Foreign educators have played a major role in the success of private education institutions in our country in recent years.

The Turkish education system provides great opportunities for foreign teachers. It is a great advantage for students that foreign language education is offered by a teacher who has native level fluency in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic or Chinese. Institutions that want to benefit from the advantage of foreign teachers in foreign language education meet with qualified and successful foreign teachers who are experts in their fields through Boz Danışmanlık.

Foreign teachers who are experts in their field of studies…

We benefit more and more from foreign teachers in certain fields, especially in foreign language education, in educational institutions in our country. Private schools especially prefer teachers whose mother tongue is English for English education. Many American, English, Irish, Canadian, Australian, New Zealander or South African teachers are also willing to work in schools in Turkey. Working with teachers who speak native level English language does not only increase the quality of education in schools in our country, but also contributes to increasing the prestige of educational institutions.

Professional connections for foreign teachers

How do schools and educational institutions in Turkey reach foreign teachers?
How do teachers abroad meet and work with schools in our country?

Boz Consulting is one of the leading organizations of our country in the field of foreign teacher placement. Thanks to the consultancy service we provide to schools and educational institutions that want to work with foreign teachers, we bring in foreign teachers who are successful in their fields into the education and training system in our country. Foreigners who teach in certain fields, especially in foreign languages, join Boz Consulting’s database of foreign teachers and are directed to the educational institutions we consult. All steps of this meetings are organized by Boz Consulting. Foreign teachers’ work permits in Turkey are obtained via services of Boz Consulting, working conditions are arranged in a way to ensure the harmonious cooperation of the two parties. Boz Consultancy is not only for the institutions that transfer foreign teachers from abroad, but also for those who come to our country to work; therefore, it provides consultancy services on many subjects to foreign teachers who start to live in Turkey.

Foreign Language Education

Language is the most important part of communication. While we can only communicate with a limited number of people in our mother tongue, knowing different languages allows us to communicate with different people. Knowing a language allows us to know the cultures of the countries that speak that language. In our country, in schools providing foreign language education, students are asked to think in the target language. In line with the teacher’s approach, students realize that the target language is not only a subject to study, but also a tool for communication. One of the responsibilities of the teacher is to provide language acquisition to students with the awareness that culture is a concept that includes not only literature and art but also daily behaviors. Good English is always an advantage, especially in the international dimension of education.

Providing English education to children at an early age will ensure success in this language. Students’ starting foreign language education in childhood, when there are no prejudices against learning, will provide an advantage both in their career life and in becoming a world citizen. The Turkish education system also adopts the principle of teaching a foreign language to every student. Parents are now aware of how much English education at an early age means for their child’s future.
In order to provide a qualified foreign language education, important points are to have the right method, the right curriculum, and most importantly, a qualified teacher.

For language education, a teacher who can improve students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, who can create a learning environment in the classroom and who has high communication skills and can see the shortcomings of students is required. Undoubtedly, it is not easy for educational institutions to find a well-equipped foreign language teacher with the desired qualifications. There are many schools that provide foreign language education in our country and it is not easy to meet the foreign language teacher needs of these schools. At this point, there is a need for experienced and reliable intermediary institutions that will enable communication between educational institutions and foreign language teachers, and that can match the expectations of the schools with the expectations of the teachers. Working with an intermediary institution in the supply of foreign language teachers saves time and effort.

Boz Consultancy organizes all meetings between schools and qualified foreign language teachers, monitors the results and gives positive or negative feedback to the candidates.

Follows the contract and visa procedures of teachers coming from abroad. It ensures that they can work legally before or after coming to Turkey. It does not receive commissions or other fees from teachers’ salaries, contracts are made directly between the school and the teacher.

Please contact us if you need a foreign language teacher for your school or institution. Boz Consulting will respond to your needs within the shortest and fruitful way possible.