General Information

Who is Boz Recruitment and what does it do?

Boz Recruitment is an agency located in Istanbul, Turkey. Boz Recruitment’s fields of operations are:
1- Helping teachers land on TEFL jobs in Turkey
2- Helping qualified tutors to find private students
3- Helping qualified nannies find in house full time nanny/teacher positions

Is Boz Recruitment the employer?

No, you will be working directly with schools, and signing contract with the employer.

What is the application process like?

Boz Recruitment advertises jobs on behalf of its client schools, pre-screens applicants for their qualifications and eligibility for work permits, conducts introductory interviews with applicants, if agreed mutually; another interview will be scheduled with school administrations.

I applied for one of the advertisement and sent my CV. But I don’t know which school I am applying for. Can I choose where to work?

Boz Recruitment advertises on several platforms, and it is nearly impossible to advertise for each school and position. Therefore, Boz Recruitment adverts do not include name of schools. However, once your CV is selected for further processing, and you are invited for an interview, your CV will be sent to several schools, only after a school wants to have an interview, you will be notified the exact location and name of the school. You can choose the district you would like to work, and we will only send your CVs to the schools in those areas.