Almanya'da Denklik

How to apply for DENKLIK for foreigners?

DENKLIK (Equivalency) is the condition that the associate, undergraduate and graduate diplomas received abroad are equivalent to the associate degree, undergraduate and graduate diplomas given by higher education institutions in Turkey. The DENKLIK processes of diplomas are carried out by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).
Foreigners who will do bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees are required to have the DENKLIK process in order to determine the equivalent of their diplomas in Turkey.

Why should you apply for DENKLIK?

The diploma equivalency a.k.a DENKLIK application consists of a series of processes that must be carefully managed. Boz Consulting meticulously monitors the equivalence – denklik procedures in Turkey for the associate, bachelor and master degrees obtained from abroad on your behalf and completes the application process requirements.

Foreign students who are going to do undergraduate, graduate or doctorate degrees in our country are required to have a recognition and equivalency process in order to determine the equivalent of their universities and programs in Turkey. Therefore, the continuation of any process in educational institutions in Turkey is only possible with recognized documents. The continuation of the education process, which started abroad, can only be continued by getting the recognition process done in Turkey. Boz Consulting helps you to pass this process effortlessly and to complete the recognition and equivalence processes easily, with years of experience and knowledge.

The equivalence process is necessary not only for the continuation of the education process, but also for associate, bachelor and master degrees obtained from abroad to be valid in the working life in Turkey. In order for degrees obtained from a higher education institution abroad to be valid in Turkey, the equivalency – denklik process is still required. It is Boz Consulting‘s specialty to carry out your equivalency denklik transactions as soon as possible with the right guidance. You can rely on the services offered by Boz Consulting to avoid mistakes that may occur with individual steps and to complete the equivalence processes in a short time.

Boz Consulting will take the necessary steps for the equivalence – denklik process with you. It prepares the documents and files required applications for equivalence for you, and completes the equivalence application completely and correctly. It monitors the equivalence application process on your behalf and helps you to get the final result as soon as possible.

Search for diploma equivalency…

Studying abroad is a beautiful dream for all students. Nowadays, it is not difficult to realize this dream. However, the idea of ​​studying abroad should be implemented after serious research. An important detail; Whether a diploma from schools in other countries is valid in different countries.

Diploma from foreign educational institutions or universities may not always work for you in our country. In order for diplomas and education certificates obtained from other countries to be valid in institutions in Turkey, the equivalent status of foreign diplomas in our country will need to be determined and documented. This Denklik assessment is carried out by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) in our country. Working in accordance with the legislation on foreign diploma equivalence, Boz Consulting provides you with the necessary guidance for your foreign diploma to be valid in the working environment in Turkey. It makes the necessary applications for certification of diploma recognition and finalizes them on your behalf.

In some sectors determined by law in Turkey, some exams and evaluation methods are applied to determine the equivalence of foreign diplomas with diplomas obtained from universities in our country. For example, in order to determine the equivalence of the diplomas of medical doctors in other countries, the “Exam for Foreign Higher Education Diploma Equivalency in the Field of Medicine” is applied.

Boz Consulting guides foreign medical doctors to obtain the necessary permissions to work in health institutions and organizations in our country. At the same time, it provides consultancy services to candidates to participate in applications such as placement exams.

Required documents for equivalency application for foreigners:
  • Online DENKLIK (equivalency) pre-application form.
  • Declaration of consent.
  • Photocopy of passport.
  • Original and certified Turkish translation of diploma or graduation certificate.
  • Original Transcript and certified Turkish translation of all courses taken during higher education.
  • Receipt of application fee.
  • Color photocopy of application documents.

According to the Equivalency Regulation of the Ministry of National Education, DENKLIK for the foreigners for their primary and secondary education is the process of evaluation for documents such as note cards, transcripts, education certificates, drop out certificate and diploma in order to determine the level of education obtained in comparison to class, field, division of primary and secondary education in Turkey

The documents required for the equivalence at primary and secondary education level for foreigners are as follows;
  • For those who will apply at the primary and secondary education level, the report cards or education certificate of the last academic year from the schools they studied abroad, and a leaving certificate, if any.
  • For those who have graduated from secondary education institutions, the report cards of the last academic year obtained from the education institution they studied abroad or the education certificate and diploma, the approved original diploma or a document proving that they are entitled to receive a diploma.
  • The original or the translation of the entry-exit dates and the processed pages of the passport made by sworn translators during the training.

DENKLIK (Equivalency) procedures at primary and secondary education level are carried out by provincial national education directorates. Those who have DENKLIK (Equivalency) at primary and secondary education level and will continue their education in Turkey must have a residence visa or a student visa.
It is important that the documents requested in the equivalence process are completely included in the application file. During the application, a certified translated copy of documents such as passport, diploma and transcript must be provided. Application processes can be difficult and complex.

Boz Consulting is your most reliable working partner for all kinds of DENKLIK (Equivalency) applications. If you want your applications to be concluded as soon as possible, please contact us.