Bakirkoy Translation Office

As Bakırköy translation office, our company policy is to be reliable, to fulfill translation requests quickly and on time, to offer price advantage and to offer sworn translation services.

For Bakırköy translation service, our office located in Bakırköy is providing the most reliable and fastest translation and interpretation services. Because Boz Consulting provides translation services in all around Istanbul, especially in Bakırköy district.

As Boz Translation Office we are providing our visual and audio-based and document translation services via our translators and interpreters, who are expert in their fields, and also our sworn translators-interpreters, including but not limited to marriage certificates, birth certificates, passport, residence permit, title deed, legal documents, registry records, court decisions, marriage-divorce documents, commercial documents and documents, academic publications, medical documents and documents, websites.

Bakırköy is one of the most crowded districts on the European side of Istanbul. Except for Bakırköy residents, thousands of locals and foreigners visit Bakırköy every day. Because it is a region where the service sector is mostly located. As a result, our Bakırköy Translation office, with its experienced staff of experts, provides professional translation services in many fields for those who need translation and interpreting services in Bakırköy.

Why do you need translation service?

Government agencies, ministries, immigration offices, universities, embassies, companies, banks can request documents from you. Because these institutions want your document prepared in the source language to be translated into their target language and it is very important that the translations of these requested documents are complete and in accordance with the original. Because a certain time interval is usually given for applications made in official institutions. In other words, you should prepare your documents in accordance with the original and submit them to the institution in question as soon as possible. As Boz consultancy, we meet your translation needs in Bakırköy in the fastest and the most reliable way.

Notarized Documents

Some institutions may request your documents to be translated and notarized. In this case, your documents must be translated by a sworn translator and certified by a notary public. These documents are called notarized documents. Our Bakırköy translation office delivers such notarized documents to you as soon as possible with our sworn translators.

Apostille Document

Apostille process; It is a process that ensures that an official document is approved by authorized official institutions and used in another country. Documents translated by a sworn translator and certified by a notary public are approved by the governor’s office in the province. Please contact our company for apostille document translations. And your document will be prepared and delivered to you as soon as possible.


Documents requiring confidentiality are translated under a confidentiality agreement, filed and protected in accordance with confidentiality terms and conditions. As Bakırköy translation office Boz Danışmanlık, we fulfill your corporate and individual translation requests in line with the confidentiality requirements you need.

Bakırköy Tercüme Ofisi

Legal Translations

The Laws and regulations are enacted to protect the social order, so these rules cannot be changed arbitrarily. For laws to be enforceable, they must have sanctions consequences. Due to the obligations arising from these sanctions, legal translations should also be done very carefully. Incorrect translations can adversely affect a legal process from start to finish. Translations made in such a sensitive area should be done by translators who are experts in their fields and experienced in the legal terminology.

Many translations, such as confidential case reports, must be done by a professional translator who fulfills confidentiality requirements. With our expert translator staff, we complete your legal translations meticulously and deliver them as soon as possible.

Types of legal translations

  • Court decisions
  • Marriage-divorce documents
  • Commercial court decisions
  • Case reports
  • Wills
  • Expert Witness reports
  • Laws
  • Contracts
  • Regulations
  • Power of Attorneys

Official Document Translations

During the period of your residence or presence in a foreign country, there may be a need for translation for many documents that are to be given to official authorities. Passport translation, Marriage certificate translations, birth certificate translations, proof address documents translations may be required especially from foreigners who apply to government agencies such as ministries, immigration offices, governorships for residence permit, citizenship or visa; diploma translations, transcript translations, equivalency certificate translations, proof of studentship translations may be required from those who apply for education.

Also for commercial purposes; employment contracts, letters of consent, signature circulars, contracts of any kind, bank statements are documents that need to be translated to be given to official institutions.

Official institutions evaluate the applications made in line with the purpose, according to the correct and complete submission of the documents given at the time of application. Applications to official institutions are mostly with a deadline. In most cases, missing or incorrectly submitted documents or not submitting on time will result in the application being rejected. Due to these situations, official document translations must be submitted completely, accurately and on time.

Academic Translation

Many types of translation, such as articles, dissertations, scientific research, fall into the field of academic translation. Academic translation topics can be from a wide variety of fields such as science, medicine, literature, social sciences, engineering. Each type of academic document contains many terms and concepts related to its field. It is extremely important that academic documents are translated by experienced translators who are experts in that field and have a good command of the terms used. Spelling and grammar rules are one of the issues to be considered for scientific articles. An article or document written in a scientific field must have a translation in different languages, which ensures the conceptual integrity and is compatible with the terms and spelling rules. Tables and graphics showing scientific research should be placed in accordance with the original, and if the measurement units are to be displayed with different measurement units in the target language, attention should be paid to them.

As Boz Danışmanlık, we meet all your academic translation requests with translators who are experts and experienced in that field.

Commercial Translation

In the globalizing world, economic activities accelerated at the international level. Companies that establish relations with foreign companies, even with intercontinental companies, investors or customers, have to prepare commercial documents many times. In this fast age, the requirements are changing hourly, and documents  are frequently exchanged with the parties with whom commercial relations are established. Many documents such as commercial contracts, warranty documents, certificates, standardization documents, analysis reports, payrolls, customs documents, insurance policies, product promotion and usage documents, lease contracts are translated into different languages ​​as a requirement of international trade. Important calculations may be required when localizing some commercial translations. Such translations must be done carefully, otherwise financial indemnities may occur. Boz Danışmanlık, which is a Bakırköy Translation Office, provides services to deliver your commercial translations in accordance with the original document and on time.

Medical Translation

Medical translations cover a wide area. Hospitals, doctors, patients, pharmaceutical companies, academics, companies producing medical devices may need translation services. Many documents such as reports, prospectuses, prescriptions, laboratory test results, medical device user manuals, medical articles, epicrisis reports are the subject of medical translations. Since medicine is a branch of science that focuses on human health, the translation of the said documents and documents should be done by translators who are experts in their fields and who have knowledge of medical terminology.

Website Translations

The most important tool that enables companies to open up to the world with a single click is their website. Business enterprises need to translate their websites into foreign languages in order to reach more customers around the world. Website translations can be from many different fields such as industrial, engineering, art, social life, which contain many details. It is necessary to have knowledge in the field in which the translations of the web sites cover. Translations with visual content such as reports and graphics on the website must be made in accordance with the original. Please contact us to get website translation service in every field you need.

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