Boz Education Consultancy Translation Services is an officially registered Private Employment Agency.

It is illegal to charge and/or benefit from job seekers in accordance with the 19th article of the Turkish Employment Agency Law No. 4904, and operates under the license dated 03.06.2022 and numbered 1375, affiliated to the Bahçelievler Service Center of the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of the Turkish Employment Agency.
Almanya'da Denklik

How to apply for DENKLIK for foreigners?

DENKLIK (Equivalency) is the condition that the associate, undergraduate and graduate diplomas received abroad are equivalent to the associate degree, undergraduate and graduate diplomas given by higher education institutions in Turkey. The DENKLIK processes of diplomas are carried out by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).
Foreigners who will do bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees are required to have the DENKLIK process in order to determine the equivalent of their diplomas in Turkey.

Boz Consultancy

I want to work in Turkey

The student-population ratio in Turkey is higher than most countries due to average age of Turkish population. About 30 million students study, including preschool and university. Students receive English education starting from kindergarten. In many schools, most courses are taught in English. Many courses outside of schools offer English education. Due to these features, Turkey is a preferred choice for English language teachers with attractive job opportunities.



Private lessons

High quality private tutoring ,
with distinguished foreign teachers.

What we do?

Boz Consulting, which set out in 2016 with the idea of solving the shortage of qualified foreign teachers and similar problems faced by educational institutions, soon came to the fore with its reliable services. The company, was founded by Birol Öztürk, who specializes in education consultancy, became one of the first addresses applied by institutions looking for foreign educators.

Qualified Teachers

We bring together private schools and foreing language teachers

Boz Consultancy organizes all meetings between schools and qualified foreign language teachers, monitors the results and gives positive or negative feedback to the candidates.
Follows the contract and visa procedures of teachers coming from abroad. It ensures that they can work legally before or after coming to Turkey. It does not receive commissions or other fees from teachers’ salaries, contracts are made directly between the school and the teacher.

Work Permit

Boz Consulting provides consultancy services for employers in all matters regarding work permit applications for foreigners, ensuring that the application procedures are carried out completely and on time. If you want to get professional support, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible and finalize your application process with no hassle.

Resident Permit

Turkey is a center of attraction for foreigners with its location in the world, historical and geographical beauties, rich cultural diversity, developing economy and business opportunities.
As Boz Consulting, we help foreigners who want to apply for short or long term residence in Turkey for a reliable, accurate and fast application. Please contact us for a smooth and easy application process.