Boz Consulting

Boz Consulting, which set out in 2016 with the idea of solving the shortage of qualified foreign teachers and similar problems faced by educational institutions, soon came to the fore with its reliable services. The company, was founded by Birol Öztürk, who specializes in education consultancy, became one of the first addresses applied by institutions looking for foreign educators.

Acting with the principle of creating a mutual added value in the relationship between educational institutions and teachers, Boz Consulting managed to be the reliance of both parties during their contract. Our organization, which supports institutions and teachers at every necessary step from the beginning of the recruitment process, also offers a variety of services with a new perspective to the education world.

Reliable address in translation

Boz Translation Office, which has become a reliable address with its professional conduct in translation services, is one of the most trusted names in translation industry by people and institutions nationwide, as well as visitors and expats who come to Turkey. So that; Boz Translation Office has proven its success in the field by becoming an accredited translation office in the German and British embassies in Turkey

Certified translation office in German and British consulates

Boz Translation Office has gained the trust of foreign country missions with its competence in translation industry. It has proven its service quality by becoming a certified translation office in the German and British Embassies. Boz Translation Office, which meets all the translation needs of those who have translations and interpretation needs at these consulates in the most accurate way, makes it easier for the applicants with its solution-oriented approach.

Knowledgeable and experienced

In some sectors, determined by law in Turkey, some exams and evaluation methods are applied to determine the equivalence of foreign diplomas earned abroad. For example, “Placement Examination for Foreign Higher Education Diploma Equivalence in the Field of Medicine” is applied to determine the equivalence of diplomas received by medical doctors in other countries. Boz Consultancy guides foreign medical doctors to obtain the necessary permits to work in healthcare institutions and organizations in our country. It also provides consultancy services to candidates regarding their participation in practices such as placement tests.

Competent in business consultancy

In addition to its work in the field of education and translation, Boz Consultancy provides consultancy services to investors coming to Turkey from abroad in line with their needs, and aims to produce innovative and entrepreneurial solutions. Our aim is to support foreign investors in every aspect of our country, from company establishment to production and service licensing for different sectors. The value we offer as a reliable solution partner of foreign companies in Turkey also provides a multi-faceted profit to the organizations we advise…

The right strategy brings success

Identifying the initial steps correctly will save you from unnecessary burdens. As Boz Consulting, we determine a road map for foreign investors and take action to take the  steps towards your goal. Our expert team supports investors at every stage by taking sectoral dynamics into account. When you act together with Boz Consultancy, all legal requirements are handled in detail and the way for the company to operate successfully in the Turkish market is paved. Boz Consultancy team undertakes and resolves the details regarding the legislation on your behalf.  The right strategy is the key to success.

Solution-oriented Initiatives

In addition to these intermediation services, Boz Consulting, which focuses on solving the problems of foreign employees employed in institutions and organizations in Turkey or foreigners who want to do business by settling in our country, on labor legislation, especially translation, residence permits and work permits, has adopted the principle of positioning itself as a reliable go-to firm for applicants in the aforementioned processes and services.
The company, which controls the compliance of the process with the laws in all its services with its legal team, and carries out all the steps in accordance with the relevant laws; It has gained the appreciation of the institutions, individuals and organizations it serves with its approach of action towards solution. Boz Consulting closely follows the developments in the business world and continues to come up new services for the social needs of different sectors.