Boz Consulting

Boz Consulting, which set out in 2016 with the idea of solving the shortage of qualified foreign teachers and similar problems faced by educational institutions, soon came to the fore with its reliable services. The company, was founded by Birol Öztürk, who specializes in education consultancy, became one of the first addresses applied by institutions looking for foreign educators.

Acting with the principle of creating a mutual added value in the relationship between educational institutions and teachers, Boz Consulting managed to be the reliance of both parties during their contract. Our organization, which supports institutions and teachers at every necessary step from the beginning of the recruitment process, also offers a variety of services with a new perspective to the education world.

Boz Consulting that has worked with reputable education institutions such as Bilfen Educational Institutions, TED Atakent Koleji, Bilim Koleji, TEK Okulları, Ekokids Kindergarten, KALEV Okulları, KELEV-Kabataş Boys’ High School Education Foundation, Kadıköy Anatolian High School, Kabataş Boys’ High School, Tarabya English Schools, Vega Schools, English Garden, rapidly increasing the number of institutions it cooperates, with its reliable and quality service approach.
Educational institutions, and foreign teachers, who were hired through Boz Consulting, focus only on education service with a sense of mutual trust. Both parties know that all the problems of institutions and teachers during the contract are resolved by Boz Consulting

Innovative Services

Evaluating the needs of other sectors upon the interest in its solution-oriented works in the education sector, Boz Danışmanlık started to provide services in different fields. Boz Consulting, which has expanded its business network with business consultancy, qualified babysitter for families, employment for foreigners, translation, work permit and resident permit consultancy services, has become the pioneer of many services, especially by determining the needs in human resources and corporate communication processes in certain business fields. The company has become a trusted institution for families in Turkey who are looking for foreign babysitters, play sisters and assistants.

Solution-oriented Initiatives

In addition to these intermediation services, Boz Consulting, which focuses on solving the problems of foreign employees employed in institutions and organizations in Turkey or foreigners who want to do business by settling in our country, on labor legislation, especially translation, residence permits and work permits, has adopted the principle of positioning itself as a reliable go-to firm for applicants in the aforementioned processes and services.
The company, which controls the compliance of the process with the laws in all its services with its legal team, and carries out all the steps in accordance with the relevant laws; It has gained the appreciation of the institutions, individuals and organizations it serves with its approach of action towards solution. Boz Consulting closely follows the developments in the business world and continues to come up new services for the social needs of different sectors.