Resident Permit for foreigners

Turkey is a center of attraction for foreigners with its location in the world, historical and geographical beauties, rich cultural diversity, developing economy and business opportunities. Foreigners whose legal visa period has expired in Turkey must obtain a residence permit in order to continue staying in Turkey. In order to obtain a residence permit, an application is made to the Provincial Immigration Offices of the governorships of the province where you want to reside. Applications can also be made by the legal representative authorized by the applicant. As Boz Consulting, we help foreigners who want to apply for short or long term residence in Turkey for a reliable, accurate and fast application. Please contact us for a smooth and easy application process.

How to apply for a residence permit?

  • Applications are made to the Provincial Immigration Office centers of the province where they want to reside.
  • Applications can be made in person or by a legal representative.
  • The residence address information must be submitted to the authorized institution completely and accurately.
  • The applicant must have valid health insurance covering the requested residence permit period.
  • The duration of the passport to be presented at the time of application must be sixty days longer than the requested residency duration.
  • Applications are finalized within ninety days at the latest.

Residence permits for foreigners consist of several titles;

  • Short-term residence permit.
  • Family residence permit.
  • Student residence permit.
  • Long-term residence permit.
  • Humanitarian residence permit.
  • Residence permit for victims of human trafficking.

Short term residence permit

Foreigners who fall within the scope of the application specified below can apply for a short-term residence permit.

  • Those who will come for scientific research.
  • Those who own real estate in Turkey.
  • Those who will establish a commercial connection or business.
  • Those who will participate in the in-service training program.
  • Those who will come for educational or similar purposes within the framework of agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party or student exchange programs.
  • Those who will stay for tourism purposes.
  • Those who will be medically treated, provided that they do not have one of the diseases that are considered a threat to public health.
  • Those who need to stay in Turkey depending on the request or decision of the judicial or administrative authorities.
  • Those who changed from family residence permit to short-term residence permit.
  • Those who will attend Turkish courses.
  • Those who will participate in education, research, internship and courses in Turkey through public institutions.
  • Those who have completed their higher education in Turkey and applied within ten days from the date of graduation.

Family residence permit

Turkish citizens or foreigners with a residence permit

  • Foreign spouse
  • Minor foreign children of himself/herself or his/her spouse
  • Residence permit can be obtained for the dependent foreign child of himself or his spouse.

Student residence permit

  • A student residence permit is given to foreigners who will study at a higher education institution in Turkey with an associate degree, undergraduate, graduate or doctorate degree.
  • Foreigners who will receive primary and secondary education, whose care and expenses are undertaken by a real or legal person, can be granted and extended a student residence permit for one-year periods during their education with the consent of their parents or legal representatives.
As Boz consultancy, we offer reliable and solution-oriented cooperation for all residence permit applications.